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Odin 5

A truly unique multi-share solution
Jewellery drawer with an Omega watch, titanium Cryptotag Odin hexagons, and Trezor Model T crypto hardware wallets
A Cryptotag Odin Hexagon standing up straight on a table
Cryptotag Odin SLIP39 Shamir Secret Sharing wallet backup
Sold in 100+ countries

Split your seed with Shamir backup (SLIP39) for the safest HODL ever. Odin works with Single-share Backup, Multi-share Backup or Shamir Backup method on the Trezor Model T, Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Safe 5, and Keystone wallets that support the SLIP-39 protocol.

Odin has a storage capacity of 20 words per hexagon.

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What’s in the box?

Hexagon Shares

Number of Hexagons 5
Storage capacity 20 words per Hexagon
Material Titanium
Length 12 cm 4.7 in
Height 2,2 cm 0.87 in
Width 2,5 cm 0,98 in
Weight 186 grams 6.6 oz
Heat ressistance 1667 °C 3032 °F


Box content 5 Titanium Hexagons
5 Silicon Hexagon sleeves
High quality center punch
Ear plugs
Setup guide
Box dimensions 19,4 x 13 x 8,8 cm 7.6 x 5.1 x 3.5 in
Box weight 1500 grams 53 oz
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Easy as backing up pie

Just follow these easy steps

  • 1
    Write down your recovery words on the included Conversion Sheets.
  • 2
    Find the correlating numbers in the SLIP39 word list.
  • 3
    Write down the numbers on your Conversion Sheets.
  • 4
    Punch the numbers in the Titanium Hexagons.
  • 5

Yes, instead of using the SLIP39 words, we use the SLIP39 numbers. Why? Numbers are easier to store in titanium than long words. Easy peasy.

NOTE: The SLIP39 protocol is linked to the Shamir Backups or Multi-Share Backups. The Cryptotag Odin was specifically designed with this protocol in mind. While you can use the Odin products for a standard BIP39 backup, it is advised to only use Odin for 20-words-per-share SLIP39 backups.

SLIP39 is the open-source and industry-standard protocol created and used by Trezor/ SatoshiLabs. It is a method of backing up your wallet with multiple shares and a minimum threshold to recover your wallet. It has an alphabetical word list of 1024 words.

The SLIP39 alphabetical list starts with the word 'Academic'. This is number '0001'. The last word 'Zero' is number '1024'. All the words in between also have a correlating number. Check out the list here.

Simply put: a share/ part has 20 words. Your setup can consist of 3 shares, with a minimum of 2 shares needed to recover the wallet. All the words have a correlating number. We use the numbers because they are easier to mark in the titanium than in long words.

Nope. We are good crypto citizens and use the industry-standard SLIP39 protocol as your Trezor or Keystone wallet does.

Other wallets that support the SLIP39 protocol are software wallets Rabby, Electrum and BlueWallet. On top of that, the SLIP39 protocol will be implemented by Wasabi, Sparrow, MEW/Enkrypt, Ambire and NuFi by the end of 2024.

You do not rely on us in any way at all. And it is a good thing we are not 'that' smart.

The SLIP39 wordlist can be found on GitHub and other sources on the internet. Of course, you can also find it on our website and in the included setup guide in your Odin box. Once you have the SLIP39 list, you can look up the words that belong to your numbers. This will take you 5 minutes. Boom! Simple.

No, if we all end up under a bus and close down our business, you still can access your funds, because SLIP39 is an industry-standard that cannot be changed. This means you can always retrieve your seed phrase, with or without CRYPTOTAG, or any other third party needed.

Don’t just take our word for it...

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Your legacy is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why we partnered with Cryptotag. Trezor Wallet
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The Cryptotag is for the no-compromise and I want the best type of people. This is special.
Chris Coney Crypto influencer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The Cryptotag is the best private key storage solution available today. And the most fun.
Bitcoinist Leading Bitcoin news site

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What people say about the Odin 5

April 6, 2024
Currently, I don't have much staking in crypto. But I realized that securing my cold wallet is important. I bought the Odin with that reason in mind. Practically indestructible, offer Shamir backup that prevent uninvited to brute force my seed phrase. The titanium hexagon also looks futuristic yet functional. Punching took times for shamir option. However was effortless and clean. The only drawback is the cryptotag brand imprint which I find undiscreet.
Verified buyer
April 1, 2024
i feel so safe and relieved since i created my backup with odin
Verified buyer
January 10, 2024
You wont find a better solution, you spilt your seeds in 3 pieces.. even if anyone found one of them, they won't accessible your funds! Even the house got on fire and your money is still safe. It is made of titanium! It feels nice in the hand.
Verified buyer
November 17, 2023
Everything you want in an apple like quality product. Very good quality and packaging! Best investment ever
Verified buyer
November 14, 2023
Loved the idea of Shamir Backups for my first wallet. So I needed a second Odin 7. Love to the Cryptotag team and especially their customer service, they advised me very well.
Verified buyer
July 22, 2023
Product: Odin Great product, good quality.
Verified buyer