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Driving the change

We believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain will make our society a better place.

Crypto enthusiasts

Our team consists of people that believe that crypto will change the world for the better. Cryptotag is our way of contributing to the crypto community.

We create high-quality products and services that enable hodlers to have the best experience in the long term.

We strongly believe that hodling is a lifestyle in its infancy. Our goal is to become the go-to brand for hodlers around the world.

“We believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will make the world a better place for all people.”


Co-founder of Cryptotag. Responsible for finance and conversion optimization. Former director of the biggest youth radio station in The Netherlands. Founder of multiple privacy-focused companies.


Co-founder. Entrepreneur and business builder with a solid background of working in both a corporate and a startup environment. Responsible for marketing strategy and strategic partnerships.

“Humans are sovereign individuals that need to secure their personal data in the long term.”

Find us in Amsterdam

All our products and services are designed and made with ❤️ in the Netherlands.